Equity Open Forum @ Osgoode Hall Tomorrow!

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There will be an equity open forum on Monday January 28 in Room 1001 from 12:30-2:00pm, hosted by the Camille Dunbar, Equity Officer, for all Osgoode students to raise their questions, concerns and comments regarding diversity, equity and equality at Osgoode in a safe and inclusive environment. With your help during the open forum, we can flesh out some of the critical issues and develop a plan of action to address them.

Informal Agenda:
Diversity within the Law School: Faculty-Student Relationships
1. Dean’s Fellow Program
2. Dean’s Scribe and Audio Recording Programs– Accessibility to Learning
3. Diverse Opinions within the Classroom
4. Mentor Program

Time Permitting:
Access to Justice (Tuition, LSAT); O-Week; Course Selection and Content; Faculty Diversity; Handling Student Complaints and Mental Health.

See you there!

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