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Fireside Chat with Raphael Tachie

Mirabelle Harris-Eze the BLSA Canada National Director of Communications, sat down with Raphael Tachie, CABL President and partner at Gowling WLG, to discuss time management, career planning, and lifting as you climb.

Q. Please introduce yourself by telling us a little about your law school and career journey and any fun facts.

A. I’m Raphael Tachie, the President of the Canadian Association. Fun fact? The only thing dominating my life right now it's my little 19-month old daughter who is a lot of fun, older than she appears to be. Probably that's the joy of my life right now.

Q. I've read a little bit on you and I know that you were pretty interested in legal dramas and that they potentially inspired you to pursue law. Is that still the case now, in that you still like watching legal dramas?

A. I don't think I've watched one in a long time, I think the last one I watched let me remember [was] Boston Legal. It’s funny because I got into those shows because I thought they were interesting. But more importantly, [they] reminded me that lawyers were problem solvers and for me that was really the interesting part. I didn't really clue in at a time why I was into them. It was later on when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and my career when I thought, you know, there must be a reason why you like the show so much. That kind of led me to my journey in law.