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Making Access to Justice a Priority: Behind the Scenes of The Legal Writers Collective

Chris Osei-Kusi sits down with the founder of The Legal Writers Collective: Jacqueline Eboh

Black Law Student Spotlight: Jacqueline Eboh

“Jacqueline is being spotlighted for her amazing work in spearheading an initiative that allows the law to be more accessible. The Legal Writers Collective has been an instant success. Four months after their launch, the Collective received the 2020 Canadian Law Blog Award for Best Student Project. The Collective has a partnership with Legal Listening, a podcast that makes cases more accessible, as well as CanLII Connects, an organization that brings together lawyers, scholars, and others with professional competency in legal analysis to share their insights and form collective opinions”.

We sat down with Jacqueline and asked her a few questions about the Journey.

What is The Legal Writers Collective?

“The Legal Writers Collective is a diverse group of law students who are passionate about increasing access to justice. Established in August 2020, the Collective’s mission is to bring the law within reach and demystify the law. To date the Collective is made up of nine writers, three editors and a Translation and Diversity Coordinator”.

Why did you choose to pursue this type of initiative?

“We launched this initiative because we have recognized that a lot of access to justice issues are because of the mystification of the law. The law is hard to understand and interpret, and we wanted to help our communities by making it a little easier by making the law more accessible and translating complex cases into plain language summaries.