Annual General Meeting





AVIS EST DONNÉ PAR LA PRÉSENTE que l’assemblée générale annuelle des membres de l’Association des étudiants noirs en droit du Canada («AÉND Canada») se tiendra le samedi 13 février 2021 à 11 h (heure normale de l’Est) aux fins suivantes:

  1. Recevoir les états financiers de l'exercice clos le 31 décembre 2020;

  2. Élire les administrateurs;

  3. Consentir à la transaction de toute autre affaire qui pourrait convenablement se présenter avant l'assemblée dans le cadre de la prorogation de la Société en vertu de la Loi canadienne sur les organisations à but non lucratif.


En raison de la pandémie COVID-19, l'assemblée générale annuelle et les élections auront lieu via Zoom (lien à fournir aux inscrits).

La trousse électorale de l'exécutif national de l’AÉND Canada, décrivant les postes disponibles pour l'année 2021-2022, se trouve sur le site Web de l’AÉND Canada:


Nous avons hâte de vous voir.
FAIT ce 13 janvier 2021.
Exécutif national de l’AÉND Canada

Cliquez sur l'image ci-dessous pour voir

notre Kit électoral 2021 en français!



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada (“BLSA Canada”) will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 11AM (Eastern Standard Time) for the following purposes:

  1. To receive the financial statements for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2020;

  2. To elect directors;

  3. To consent to the transaction of any other business as may properly come before the meeting in the continuance of the Corporation under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

  4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual General Meeting and elections will take place via Zoom (link to be provided to registrants).


The elections package for the BLSA Canada National Executive, outlining the positions available for the 2021-2022 year, can be found on the BLSA Canada website:


We look forward to seeing you.
DATED this 13th day of January, 2021.
BLSA Canada National Executive


Click on the image below to view our

2021 Election Package in English!


2020 AGM Minutes

Rebecca Barkley – University of Toronto, Faculty of Law (Question for Charles Campbell)

  • Would like clarification on the rejection of the Law Society of Alberta sponsorship

    • Charles: they felt that initiatives were not tied with their focus on Indigenous outreach


Marko Simmonds – Dalhousie Law, Faculty of Law (Question for Charles Campbell)

  • Clarification for the Nova Scotia sponsorship and where it came from

  • Charles: Would like to speak w/ the students regarding their expenses


Josh Update

  • Changing the name of the Alexander Isaac Moot, and removing the word “diversity”

  • The addition of the consultation group

  • Removal of the membership registration fee

  • Working on a model constitution for new chapters

    • e. Lakehead, Alberta, uOttawa Civil

  • U of T BFN admissions

  • Chapter presidents monthly meet ups

  • Advocacy blog series

  • Introduces the merchandise

  • 5 year Strategic plan implementation


Danielle Rawlinson, Previous President

  • Concerns about the moot and non-Black stdents running and winning, and what can be done to amp up the participation of Black law students. As previous years we have discussed holding spots specifically for Black students

    • Josh: the idea would be to amp up promotion b/c we cannot just push Black students for the finalist founds based on that specific factors BUT with a greater outreach it should help get more faculties involved

    • Additionally he grading system is being reworked


Barbara Brown, Osgoode Hall (Question for Josh)

  • To address the issues of the ack of Black students, it would be helpful to target the materials and outreach earlier in the year. Most schools decide what moots they will participate in early in the year

  • Josh: Novalee and Josh will


Nashara Peart, past president 2017/2018 (Question for Josh)

  • With the new chapters, what has the exec done to gather all of the information about each of the new chapters and how we have helped them transition

  • Elsir: University of Alberta, UNB, Lakehead

    • Offering help w/ the constitution



Josh: Motion to include a code of conduct

  • Nashara peart,: clarification of what we will be doing to implement and put the code of conduct into our articles

  • Star: Do you agree to adding a code of conduct, do you agree?

    • The motion passes

    • Are there any other motions from the floor?

    • Nashara peart: do we have to motion to ratify new chapters?

      • Josh: No, but we should do it have it on the record.


Star: Motion to ratify Lakehead

  • Motion to ratify lakehead passes


Star: Motion to ratify University of Alberta

  • Motion to ratify passes U of A passes





Gloria Ilunga, Osgoode Hall

  • Nominate Melissa Indome, Osgoode Hall à I accept the nomination


Sabrina, Osgoode hall

  • Nomiate Luck Ingabire, Osgoode hall à I accept the nomination


Rebecca Barley: Can we have all the nominees stand up please and state their names


Charles Campbell

  • Natasha Daley, Windsor law à I accept the nomination


Natalia Peart, past national Chair

  • What is the time period for each nominee coming up and speaking

  • Star: maximum of 2 minutes


Melissa Indome:

Nashara peart, past president re:

  • Because the 30th year is coming up, d you have any experience with media and doing press releases ?

    • No experience but is willing to learn

Charles campbell: how is your time commitment that would take you away from the time from the role

  • Josh lokko: where do you see BLSA’s brand going?

    • Would like to see BLSA’s brand on a broader reach by using social media

Charles Campbell: can you give us an example of how you would look to build the brand? What’s one thing we could work on?

  • Get survey to find out what others (allys) what they know about BLSA and where we stand


Lucky Ingabire:


Jonas: How will francophones be represented on the same level as anglophones?


Reshida Darrell:

Luky: I have created content to the SCC (pamphlets)


Charles Campbell: are able to commit your time tot his role to fulfill the obligations of the role?

Lucky: has been able to work in a fast paced environments and has experience juggling many roles in law school along with hobbies


Danielle Rawlinson: How are you able to manage and troubleshoot last minute requests?

Lucky: I will do the best that I can, and if  have to reach out I know that I will


Natalia Peart: How will you be able to manage your own committess and having to work on press releases that represent the national board? What is your ability to manage sub-committees in response to national events were BLSA needs to send a message



Josh Lokko: what would you see BLSA’s brand being?

Lucky: I would like to see it being a bit more inclusive to reflect both Anglohone and Francophone students


Natasha Daley:


Kayla Smith, 2018-2019 moot: can you tell us if you have experience managing social media accounts, and how you do it?

Natasha: runs a Black educators of Tindale, Blsa Windsor


Natasha: living in several dfferent interception, ive learned how to compartmentalize my life. Being able o sepatare the two will be important, and knowing that this is BLSA Cana


Danielle Rawlinson: What are your plans to spruce up the BLSA website?

Natasha Daley: I would go about creating graphics and how to incorporate colours, making headings and more user-friendly. Making it more accessible, and promoting it more. For the purpose of rebranding and looking at sponsorhip, and having contact with grat web designer


Natalie peart: what is your ability  re: the national magazine, to undertaking projects of that nature

Natasha: has experience with the BLSA magazine, and would go about advertising it widely and diversifying the amount of things that in the magazine


Asha Gordon, U of T: what would be your approach to addressing politically controversial events?

Reshida: (addressing the fact that there is a advocacy role)

Natasha: has experience drafting press releases and takes care and is intentional with her word choice, so statements would be

Josh Lokko: Are you bilingual and what would you change with the brand

Natasha: not bilingual. Rebranding à making the website more appealing and user-friendly.


Claire Browne: we have a number of positions that are elected at the AGM or through application, and those of you at schools outside of Ontario should really consider running for positions for a broader outreach


Charles – nominate Novalee Davy


Stephen Abosi: can we motion to have a panel of candidates à motion passes


Lera, western law: are VP Finance and Treasurer the same position


Stephen Absoi, UNiversty of calgary à nominates Lera à I accept


Charles campell:


Mark Addo, uottawa: what would you do to alleviate sponsor who fail


Josh Lokko: [4:06] how do you go about telling people no to money they may have allocated that we cannot expend?


Elsir: during ocnferen a lot of pressure comes down to treasurer. What is your experience with delegating?


Keegan Blckmore, McGill:


Marko Simmonds: making a program note (re: timing)


Kayla smith: kendra Wilson à accepts


Efua Jun, Osgoode à Kerry-ann cornwal – accepts


Nastaha daley --- nominate tiana knight – I accept


Hodson – nominate Charles campbell – I accept


Rebecca Berkeley – novalee daly – I accept


Efua: what if novalee wins both

Star: the runner up would win in the position she does not wish to do



President Questions


Kayla Smith [24:19]


Nashara [27:10]


Danielle Rawlinson [31:48]


Josh Lokko [35:46]


[41:00] are you bilingual