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Fireside Chat with Professor Ubaka Ogbogu

Katya Stella Assoé sat down with Law Professor Ubaka Ogbogu to discuss mentorship, advocacy, and how to navigate law school.

Q. Please introduce yourself by telling us a little about your law school and career journey, research, and any fun facts.

I am a law professor at the University of Alberta. I started at the U of A Faculty of Law in 2011. I received my Masters in Law from that law school so I have been a part of that school since 2002, when I moved to Canada for graduate studies. I teach a variety of courses at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. My primary expertise is in health law and science policy. I teach upper year courses in that area but I also teach first year torts. I used to be cross-appointed to the Faculty of Pharmacy but my cross-appointment ended last year, so I am now 100% in the law school where I teach courses on health and science policy. I will also, next year, be teaching public health law and policy.